Infinity Cross



The Short Story A Christian cross hand folded from an infinity ribbon in sterling silver, a symbol of God's infinite love and grace. The Full Story This piece is based on the combination of a Christian cross and infinity as represented by the Mobius strip. Each cross is hand folded from a Mobius strip form. The cross a powerful symbol and immediately identifiable as a Christian icon representing God’s deep and abiding love for all of creation. The Mobius strip, a model of which can easily be created by taking a paper strip and giving it a half-twist then joining the ends of the strip together to form a loop, though simple is an amazing thing. It has only one side. What a curious thing. A line starting at any random point drawn down the middle length will meet the beginning of the line without picking up the pen. The Mobius strip is often cited as the inspiration for the infinity symbol, since if one were to stand on the surface of a Mobius strip; one could walk along it forever. Some mathematicians may argue the point, but this is where I take artistic license. Mobius strip as physical representation of infinity combined with the cross representing Gods boundless love seems to me a supercharged symbiotic symbol. Contemplate the meaning of God’s infinite love and grace and how it applies to your life. Feel the joy and serenity of the knowledge that you are loved, infinitely. Draw a line on one side of the cross and you will without interruption find your way back to the beginning. Always on your path, always present, always loved. Description of Infinity Cross  This piece is hand formed from sterling silver. There are two sizes of the cross, both are described as a range of size as each is hand made and the final size depends on just how the first bend is positioned because each subsequent bend must follow in proportion to the first. The small version which ranges in height from 1 inch to 1 and 1/4 inches and is formed from a finer flat wire of 1 millimeter thick and 2 millimeters wide. The larger cross is in the range of 1 and 3/4 inches high formed from sterling silver flat wire 1 millimeter thick and 3 millimeters wide. Infinity cross is sold without any chain or cord, however we do recommend a 1 millimeter box chain for the small, and a 1.5 millimeter box chain for the large cross. Those can be seen in the photos of the crosses. The chains can be ordered in the Chains and Cords section of the website. Each Pendant is sold without chain or cord, if you wish to include a chain please order from the Chain and Cords section of the website.

The Metal

The silver pieces are made with a tarnish resistant sterling silver alloy.  Click here to learn more about our metals.

Packaging & Shipping

Since jewelry is often given for special occasions, we will be extremely flexible to help you create a wonderful surprise. We can expedite your delivery for a fast-approaching special occasion, or we can ship your order to an address other than your home to help you maintain your surprise. Click here for our detailed packaging and shipping information. Contact us at email for any special requests.
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