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When someone is important to you it makes an impression on you. One of the biggest reasons I love to make jewelry is because a piece can symbolize something significant to the wearer. It can represent a significant life event like a wedding, or the love for a life partner. Some jewelry symbolizes ones fundamental spiritual beliefs like a cross, or Star of David, or perhaps an adoration for nature represented through a series like the Elements. Other times there is a being in your life that you want to remember frequently even when they are not with you or will no longer be with you. (Artist in first person) Confession time… I’m that way about my dogs, Grace and Hope, yes even Hope who is barking at the window as I write this. These two Jack Russell Terriers are the apple(s) of my eye. I am owned by them really. They fill my life with fun, love, play, mutual adoration. Worth their weight in gold for the joy they bring to my life. That’s why I was inspired to create a piece of jewelry that symbolizes the impression they have made on my life. I wanted to honor them with a piece of jewelry that helps me express what these babies mean to me. Enter the Impressions Series. I have dogs so for me it’s a paw print but this series is not limited to pawed creatures. Other people may be passionate about another kind of animal. I made a medallion for a friend who recently lost her beloved pet. Wearing a piece like this can be cathartic after a painful loss. For me it’s one of the great values of jewelry, to represent something deeply meaningful to the wearer. It is a joy for me to make a piece that is worn with pride as a symbol of something you wish to carry with you sometimes or all the time. Whether as a statement of who is at home to greet you at the door upon your return or as a memoriam these Impression Series medallions are custom made with the greatest care and respect. So if you are head over heels for your hound, devoted to your dog, possessed by your pup, smitten with your kitten, fervent over felines, bonkers about your bunny, fanatical for ferrets, keen about cockatoos, enthusiastic for equines, passionate for your pot bellied pig, delighted with your donkey, ardent over alpacas, fixated on fowl, manic for your mouse, or psycho about your snake then consider ordering a custom piece from the Impressions Series. I’m joyous about my two Jacks.


The medallions are made of sterling silver sheet that I pierce with the impression of your pets paw and their name. They measure one millimeter thick, and about one inch wide and one and an eighth high. Given that size of medallion obviously the paw print of say a Great Dane would not fit, so I scale the print to fit the medallion. Each piece is handmade and can be shipped out within 2 weeks of ordering after I’ve received all the information. If you can get a print of your pets paw then I can fully customize it with that image. I can mail you a packet for making the print if you’d like. If getting a print of the paw is impossible then I will use a stand in print of a like breed. The medallion shape is oval unless the name is over 6 letters which will necessitate an oval top and wider bottom shaped medallion. The medallions include 3mm cord of either black nylon, which is meant to reflect a pets nylon collar or a 3mm black leather cord. Either cord is threaded through a bail and capped with sterling silver end caps and a lobster clasp. Check the chain length charts and tell me what length you would like. There is a chart for both women and men. I will want to email you regarding the length and type of cord. Do include your email address so that I can contact you with any questions.

The Metal

The silver pieces are made with a tarnish resistant sterling silver alloy.  Click here to learn more about our metals.

Packaging & Shipping

Since jewelry is often given for special occasions, we will be extremely flexible to help you create a wonderful surprise. We can expedite your delivery for a fast-approaching special occasion, or we can ship your order to an address other than your home to help you maintain your surprise. Click here for our detailed packaging and shipping information. Contact us at email for any special requests.
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